Here we are, approaching the Holidays of Christmas and New Years. What does that bring? Family Love. Good Food!  Shall we try to tackle a weight reduction (loss) program in December? My opinion, Get ready and start January 2, 2017.

Here is a great video to start your thinking, planning and shopping. I will post full instructions for best vegetables, meat preparation, protein sources, snack suggestions and more. For now, watch the video and become inspired.

I am ready ! I can Do this!

I am ready
! I can Do this!

It does take a little planning so ‘in your spare time’ while planning your Christmas extravaganza and New Years Eve Celebrations, make a few notes so you are relaxed and READY.

Here is your video by two professional women I work with in my business: Suzan Zeiger, Nutritionist and Misty Suggs, Weight loss Coach. These ladies share very candidly the life choices they make and the successful solutins their clients are making. They describe some food preparation that maximizes the tenant of lean protein, low carb – BURN fat for Energy. It is all about Energy!

Misty delves into the three reservoirs we have for energy. Fat, Carb and Protein. She briefly explains each function with results. The key to success lies in the understanding and commitment to the new lifestyle. It is far from punishment, no starvation and cravings are addressed and resolved. The product focus is on Univera Ultra Protein and Protein Quotient foods. When you arrive at my site for Univera, you will have options to watch a video on Energy, view products on Protein sources and learn about the company vision and commitment to nourishment for children around the globe.

My opinion: I need to always KNOW the company is sound, the company is credible; that it has high integrity; that it treats its employees with respect and kindness and that the product are PROVEN via full pharmacutical grade labratories (not someones’ “great idea”). The focus for me must be on the products and the customer satisfaction and VERIFICATION via See, Feel and Measure of result. Univera passes all tests with the highest marks and honors.

As you know from my other website, I do not publish nor attach my name to any product that I have not personally reviewed, used and tested. The only exception is an item I may not use but have a trusted family member or colleague that has – like coffee.

We are a TEAM! Love helps with accountability!

We are a TEAM! Love helps with accountability!

For your convenience, I have placed photos for the items mentioned in the video. Please start at Univera and go to selected products. This will ensure your research and purchases are tied to my ID (1604330) so the company will know I recommended your activity. Thank You.

Please remember YOU qualify for FREE SHIPPING! (Enroll with a Convenience Plan and receive FREE SHIPPING on your enrollment order PLUS first two consecutive Convenience Plan orders.)

And… Univera is committed to YOUR success and satisfaction. We offer a 90-Day Guarantee that you will see, feel and be able to measure the positive difference. Challenge yourself to experience the Live Young Life!

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